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About the Cammino del Perdono

Following the traces of historical events dating back to the XIII century, at the end of the Middle Age, and according to the current geographical and environmental vision of the region, the Movimento Celestiniano reconstructed the spiritual and humanistic paths that characterized that age, such intense and rich of contrasts. The Cammino del Perdono arises from the desire of rediscover the elements and figures that improved peace and reconciliation between peoples in war during the Christian Crusades. Forgiveness was the key to open those peoples to the peace, to the end of the Crusades and to the closure of the darkness of the Middle Age, laying the foundation of our modern society and creating the values that today we still recognize as common to people of the whole world, even those apparently in conflict. Moving along the most important places of that age, relevant about the history and life of Saint Pietro Celestino V and of others important figures of that time (Federico II, the Sultan El Kamil, Saint Francesco from Assisi), we created five different, unique and amazing tourist routes, that flow through destinations that the most of people ignore, able to grant an emotional and transcendental journey to the visitors. Forgiveness that leads  back to the hope of peace and alliance among peoples: much more than a tourist route; it is a study, a cultural process, an instrument to develop the valorization of our beautiful land. It is open to all cultures and all religions, to any person of any social condition and background, because it pursues the goal of offering an opportunity of growth, understanding, analysis, socialization, introspection: a chance that you cannot find anywhere else, because our places and our situations are unique and unrepeatable, since they bear the indissoluble mark of “forgiveness as instrument to reach peace”.

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I borghi della storia

Una vera e propria immersione in due antichi borghi per secoli al centro delle vicende della storia d’Italia e d’Europa. Fumone, luogo di avvistamento e comunicazione ottica per tutto il …

Walking on the footsteps of the Popes

A special journey, to follow the wish of peace and to rediscover origins, to reflect in a space and time totally different from everyday life. The fatigue of the walking …

Where Celestino and as Celestino did

In the same places and in the same way used by the future Pope Celestino, we retrace with donkeys the path that Celestino walked in 1294 accompanied by a regal …

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