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What is The Path of Forgiveness

On the trail of the ancient historical events dating back to the 13th century in the closing medieval times, the Celestinian Movement has rebuilt, according to the current geographical and environmental vision, those spiritual and humanistic paths that characterized that time as intense as full of contrasts. The Path of Forgiveness comes from the desire to rediscover those elements and those characters who favored the reconciliation between people for centuries in war because of the famous Christian Crusades. Forgiveness was the key that led to peace at that time, at the end of the Crusades and the closure of that dark and barren time called Middle Age, laying the groundwork for the creation of our modern society and values that unite people around the world today, even those apparently in contrast. Among the most important sites of the time, and about the history and life of St. Peter Celestine V and other important figures on that era (Frederick II, Sultan Elkamil, Saint Francis of Assisi), arise five as beautiful as unique tourist trails crossing unknown destinations to the masses and provide a trip not only physical, but emotional and transcendental. Forgiveness that lead back to the hope of peace and alliance between similar or different peoples, a concept much more important than just a tourist route. It is a center of studies, a cultural route, a tool of valorization of the territories and is open to all cultures, all religions, all people of any social status, because there is the clear goal of providing an opportunity for growth, understanding, analysis, socializing and introspection, unique worldwide in places and conditions absolutely unrepeatable leading the indissoluble brand of “Forgiveness as an instrument of peace”.

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