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I borghi della storia

Una vera e propria immersione in due antichi borghi per secoli al centro delle vicende della storia d’Italia e d’Europa. Fumone, luogo di avvistamento e comunicazione ottica per tutto il …

Walking on the footsteps of the Popes

A special journey, to follow the wish of peace and to rediscover origins, to reflect in a space and time totally different from everyday life. The fatigue of the walking …

Where Celestino and as Celestino did

In the same places and in the same way used by the future Pope Celestino, we retrace with donkeys the path that Celestino walked in 1294 accompanied by a regal …

Grand tour with the Saints

A curve is not just a deviation, it means happiness, mental exercise, that leads you to mind step by step the correct maneuver and the right revs of the engine; …

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We have banned the words “tourist package” from our dictionary. We chose to offer experiences, not just places to be seen and things to be done. We focus on what will be kept in the heart of the visitor that will decide to approach the Cammino and to taste its real meaning and essence even if for few days and not necessarily walking for tens of kilometers. There’s a chance for anyone: believers or not, groups or single visitors, walkers, bikers, for those who move by car, by motorbike, on horseback, by bus, or by train. It doesn’t matter who you are; the only thing that matters is how much ready you are to find yourself, through the contact with nature and the meeting of people along the way. Experiences! If you want to create your own experience fill the spaces below giving us particular information about your preferences and interests; otherwise choose among our proposals.

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