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It’s proved that the valorization of an entire territory as a unicum can automatically create a “System” among people operating in that territory. In many cases (as happening in Tuscany or Salento) the trigger of factors of interest can drive inhabitants toward a new way of thinking and impresses common goals in their programming. The recovery of old Tuscan  farmhouses, as well as the development of tourist services along the Salento beaches can surely demonstrate how integration can change and improve tourism. The Cammino del Perdono inspires to those situations; starting from the analysis of them, the Cammino created its own philosophy and adapted it to this area.  We think that our beautiful mountains, coasts, rivers, lakes, parks, hermitages, monasteries, convents, churches, villages, our numerous accommodation facilities and receptive and catering structures, our unique traditions, folklore, feasts would not be relevant for tourists among the huge Italian and European tourist offer; unluckily, these beautiful locations would have to compete with too many other events and typicality so that they would nearly disappear. Instead, if they are joined together, connected by a common thread, made of common history and philosophy, they can gain new strength. If this common thread is also enriched with common and ancient values, they become themselves source of strength and certainty. This is also the way to make the target more homogeneous, because these values do not refer to age, income or habits, but to the life path, a life path inspired to peace, hope and sharing, the only values that are able to create a system – model, that really can innovate, valorize and reconstruct. World’s exemplary cases show that when it is possible to create a plus that can combine all efforts, naturally improvement arises: roads are improved, services and employment develop, villages are cleaner and pay more attention to inhabitants and guests, new structures and new method of reception are born, new ideas, new entrepreneurship and new jobs arise.

Even structures not directly interested by tourism are positively stimulated; they pay more attention to the general conditions of liveability and improve their availability against guests and news. This positive flow increases the market demand and it betters the offer. That’s what the Cammino del Perdono wants to develop in the involved villages and cities, training and preparing the operators according to its unique and winning philosophy, founded both on our past and on our hopes for the future. It tries to create a tourist system rooted in the passion and love for our land, made of unique places related with each other by Nature, History, Peace and Faith. These are the keywords of what people want to find in its everyday as much as in the special days. This kind of Emotional Tourism is a real opportunity to create a specific characterization of these places, rich in culture and nature. The Cammino del Perdono wants to lead (and already leads) this plan of valorization, letting the typicality of single places emerges, but coordinating the global vision of this great system and its message to the world: create opportunity of change and growth through physical and emotional paths unrepeatable in the rest of the world.

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