Lamp of the Cammino

It is an authentic ceramic product from Castelli (Teramo) and is the most significant among the symbols of the Cammino del Perdono; the flame that illuminates the way is a typical handcrafted product, bearing the logo of the Cammino. Retracing Christian history, we see that this kind of lamps were used by the ancient Roman in the places where the spirituality of the first communities of Christians is highest: the catacombs. This lamp is the symbol of the light, light as truth, so as the path is the symbol of the search. The lamps here perform the dual function of lighting, in the darkness of underground tunnels, and of votive commemoration, close to frescoes and sacred images and next to the tombs of the martyrs.
The lamp is revisited in its essence of symbol of Light: light of the faith that wins against Sin, light of Resurrection from the death, light of sanctity that comes from Spirit. It’s the light that the pilgrim will carry back home after the pilgrimage, renewed in Faith, strong in Hope, rich in Virtue.