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Generally speaking, the Cammino del Perdono is a great project of cooperation and development of the resources of local tourism and related sectors, still hidden and considered not interesting for tourism. Nevertheless they are now revalued in Europe as a great richness and strong attractors. Thanks to the coordination of these unknown resources and the rediscover of the ancient values of our culture, the project of the Cammino pursues the development and the increase of tourist offer through the sustainable valorization of people and places, the innovation and qualification of services and infrastructures, the attraction of investments.

Gathering all the people involved under one single brand of reference, relevant on the international level, it is easier to gain success and obtain important results; in this sense, the Cammino del Perdono is an answer to minor locations and operators and becomes an important instrument for the development of the tourist offer through a good and strategic promotional communication. The Cammino del Perdono can turn the characteristics of these minor places into  mutual values, able to create a new idea of hospitality. The tourist structures involved take part and become pillars of the tourist and cultural offer, as witnesses of traditions, mores, productions. The Cammino del Perdono belongs to territory and it is deeply connected with it, with its history, its traditions, its values.

Following the thread of values, of thoughts and values, the Cammino del Perdono is also an answer to the needs of the people who enjoy the territory and to the territory itself. Narrators of this beautiful story are the tourist operators, which receive, welcome, sustain, feed the people on walk but also inform and encourage them who have not already decided to start the walk. Their role is really important to open the door of their activities but also of their values and culture, history, gastronomy. It deeply means to develop local resources creating income but also sustain and improve the trend of tourism to create relapses able to overcome the direct income. For example, if in 2014 the direct income of tourism to PIL is 4,1%, the total income (direct and indirect effects) comes to 10,1% (source: – data 2014 WTTC). Moreover, if tourism produces employment for the 11,4%, it is clear how important it could be to sustain the project of Cammino del Perdono, that works in an area now weakened on  social and economic levels.

The team of Cammino del Perdono offers to all operators affiliated a professional training and a suitable formation about tourism but also communication, strategy and organizing. This is an important instrument of indirect profitability, since it allows the operator to connect to others and to the global tourist system, to confront others and understand global trends and costumer requests and preferences. Moreover, the integrated system we propose allows operators to benefit from the entire territory, attracting more costumers and turning the offer from a niche product to a universal product.

A location with historical monuments or religious attractions will also receive people that chose the Cammino del Perdono because they are interested in nature or natural parks and vice versa. That’s the only way to give life to an integrated offer, based not just on territory but on the sense that the Cammino del Perdono is able to create. Naturally, the affiliated operators could benefit from other profitability instruments, connected to more practical concepts, like the increase of the number of overnight stays and dinners, the selling of typical products, the organizing of  guided visits, the merchandizing etc.. The Cammino del Perdono is also promoter of the valorization of territory and coordinates, as institutional body, many preparatory activities to this end. Private investors, associations, local groups, entrepreneurs and whoever has the willing can find in the Cammino del Perdono chances to create activities of sure success and certain profitability. There are, for example, many culturally important buildings that have been damaged by the earthquake in 2009, that now are abandoned and that can be recovered and  brought back to ancient glory. Thanks to the Cammino del Perdono, many of them can offer sure opportunity of income to anyone who wants to invest on this area.  The Cammino del Pedono also grants its coaching in researching, finding resources and best solutions, promoting, and running business, offering professional training and control.

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Pilgrim’s Hospitality card

A pilgrim is a special voyager, that walks to find something deep and, so doing, he questions himself and his own life.  The walk is firstly a interior path, that makes him face fatigue, abandon, loneliness. During the path he can just put himself in the hands of the people he meets. That’s why hosting a pilgrim is important: the host becomes a landmark for its spiritual travel, during a time lived in a chosen precariousness, in search of a geographical but also spiritual destination. Hosting a pilgrim means taking part to an intimate moment. That’s why we ask more than simply respect of the laws, but also structural characteristics to grant to the pilgrim the best experience. The respect of the Carta del Pellegrino allows the accommodations to take part to a bigger project, to be easily recognizable and to be jointly advertised. Our philosophy is person-centered and inspired by a kind of hospitality that must be genuine and spontaneous but not improvised. Availability, politeness and sympathy will be needed in the host’s way of acting so that the guest will receive a warm and friendly welcome. The pilgrim will be surely tired when he reaches the accommodation, and will certainly need information: the host will guide him in the discover of the territory and the  local culture. So, the hosts must be prepared, provided with any tourist material and ready to present the local tourist offer (gastronomy, entertainment, art, handcraft, etc).

Our hosts open their houses offering a hospitality that must be person–centered and an attentive and empathic acceptance; their the sobriety, non consumerism, environmental attention will change the pilgrims experience in something richer, that will allow him to re-discover the beauty of the nature, of the simplicity of life, of the relation with Mother Earth, of the relation with every creature. The pivot points of this way of acting are attention in human relations, authenticity and connection with the territory. Those are the keywords of the experience we want to offer and the system we want to create. From a structural point of view, it doesn’t exist one single way of organizing the activities, but it is recognizable a series of principles as, for example, the internal and external identifiability and recongnizability of the accommodation by the symbols of the Cammino, the austerity of the furniture, the historicity of the building (if possible), the efficiency of services (rapid laundry, packed lunches, nearness to religious points of interest and rescue points), the night opening etc. Other important aspects in the selection of the accommodations are the opening to multicultural costumers, sympathy and attention to any kind of person comes along, the knowledge of the meaning of pilgrimage, the cure in the preparation of meals with local products, the availability to offer something as a gift (at least a coffee, a herb tea, a map).

The agreement with the Cammino del Perdono will bring many advantages to tourist operators; they will benefit with visibility, advertising, marketing impact, opportunity of taking part to investment and financial incentives. The Cammino del Perdono will also provide continuous professional training and updating and develop the interchange of knowledge and experiences among participants. The Cammino del Perdono will also provide the monitoring of the respect of the principles, the quality standards and the keeping of requirements by participants.