Characteristics of the route

The path ends in another of the most important places for the existence of Celestino V, where he took refuge in an attempt to escape from the harassment of the Pope his successor; also in these difficult occasions, Celestino demonstrated his holiness of life. The Sanctuary of Saint Michele Arcangelo is a site of great religious interest; Saint Francis of Assisi had already visited it and, considering itself unworthy of such a sacred place, he knelt down at the entrance praying and kissing the earth, impressing in that place the symbol of the Franciscan cross. The route retraces the roads that the shepherds have travelled in the streets of transhumance, but attributes to these paths an entirely new spirituality.

The route goes across these places: Sant’Angelo Limosano, Matrice, Sant’Elia a Pianisi, Santa Croce di Magliano, Serracapriola, Apricena, Santa Maria di Stignano, San Marco in Lamis, Santuario di San Matteo, Borgo Celano, San Giovanni Rotondo, Monte Sant’Angelo.

The entire route measures 160 km.

Pilgrim’s kit

The following kit is recommended to each pilgrim who wants to walk the Cammino:

-the pilgrim’s guide

-the pilgrim’s card

– a stick, a hat, the Celestine pendant, the Cammino t-shirt

– the hospitality card with a list of the conventioned receptive activities.

The pilgrim will also receive the hat as a gift,  symbol of Celestine gratuitousness. Other pieces of equipment can be bought at very small prices. At the end of the Cammino, the pilgrim will gain the Celestine parchment, that will attest the route made. In each stop of the path there will be a small exhibition of the typical products, all tested and approved by the Consorzio Celestiniano, and other gadgets. These products can also be sold by reservation and shipped.