Characteristics of the route

This route allows the pilgrim to come in contact with their soul and with the Infinite. The presence of many important places of meditation and spirituality along this route seems to bring the walker to the Knowledge, the Infinite Knowledge and therefore with Eternity. Many of the places involved in the route preserve important sacred relics belonging to Saints and Blessed which approached this Infinite before us.

The places touched by the route are L’Aquila, Monticchio, Fossa, Sant’Eusanio Forconese, Villa Sant’Angelo, San Demetrio, Prata d’Ansidonia, Tussio, Bominaco, Caporciano, Santa Maria Centurelli, Bussi sul Tirino, Piano d’Orta, Manoppello, Guardiagrele, Orsogna, Lanciano, Casalbordino, San Salvo, Guglionesi, Serracapriola, Torremaggiore, Santa Maria di Stignano, San Marco in Lamis, Santuario di San Matteo, Borgo Celano, San Giovanni Rotondo, Monte Sant’Angelo. (or: Bussi sul Tirino, Salle Caramanico, Eremo di Santo Spirito a Maiella).

The entire route measures 332 km.

Pilgrim’s kit

The following kit is recommended to each pilgrim who wants to walk the Cammino:

-the pilgrim’s guide

-the pilgrim’s card

– a stick, a hat, the Celestine pendant, the Cammino t-shirt

– the hospitality card with a list of the conventioned receptive activities.

The pilgrim will also receive the hat as a gift,  symbol of Celestine gratuitousness. Other pieces of equipment can be bought at very small prices. At the end of the Cammino, the pilgrim will gain the Celestine parchment, that will attest the route made. In each stop of the path there will be a small exhibition of the typical products, all tested and approved by the Consorzio Celestiniano, and other gadgets. These products can also be sold by reservation and shipped.